For my first blog post on my photography blog, I have decided to post about a new mini project or series of images that I made in July.  I call it “Fire Flowers” as a working title and have not really thought of a better title, but if one of you can come up with a better title I will give you a free print.

This project was born out of a need to take a break from the documentary I am working on.  I had been hard at work on the documentary for four months and was feeling a little burnt out.  So in July we took a family vacation to Grandma and Big Daddy’s house for some beach time.  I had planned to leave the camera gear at home, but as I was packing the car I picked it up and packed it with everything else.  Force of habit I guess, probably a good habit though.  I only took the camera to the beach one day.  It was the 4th of July and we were staying for the fireworks on the beach and thought it would be fun to make some image of the fireworks.  They really surprised me.  My little break sort of turned into an “happy accident”.  Since they looked more like flowers than fireworks, I have decide to make them all black and white.  I am not finished with my editing, but should have them done soon.  After they are all edited I will publish then in an online gallery.  Until then, here are a few images from the series.  Oh, and this little break worked, doing something fun with no real reason for doing it got the creative juices flowing again.  Everyone needs breaks from time to time.  I think it makes for better creativity as an artist.