On Tuesday I had to handle the house hold chore of putting out the trash for pick up.  As I walked to the backyard I passed by our Hydrangea and happened to see a bright green flash on the pale purple of the flowers.  I stopped to take a closer look and was surprised to see a bright green spider beginning to spin a web.  I pulled out my phone and shot a few quick images for instagram and decided if the spider was there when I was done with the trash I would come back with my big camera and a macro lens.  Well, it was still there, so I set up my equipment and spent about 30 min making images.  It was gone the next day, but it was back today, so I grabbed a few more shots.

So the moral of the story here, is to always keep looking for images, even in your own yard.  While it’s fun to take big trips and photograph exotic locations, you can still find plenty to shoot right at home.


After a little research and help from my cousin, I found out that this is a Green Lynx Spider.  They are venomous so be careful.  It’s bite is supposedly painful and can cause localized swelling and redness for a few days.  It can spit its venom up to a foot away if it feels threatened.  I did watch it as it was spinning it’s web.  It was really cool to see it up close through the safety of a 105mm macro lens.