16th Annual Roswell City Classic


I have to say that all of our boys are amazing gymnast and our coaches are top notch.  It was an eye opening experience to be on the floor making images of the boys while they competed.  From my perspective, the Roswell teams were much more well behaved and considerate during the meet than many of the other teams.  I was really impressed how they were all cheering each other on, including the boys from other teams.  Our coaches were so encouraging and professional with the boys, I never heard any negative comments to any of our boys like I heard from a few other coaches to their teams.  We are very lucky to have our boys in such a great program.

Below you will find the links to the images from the meet as well as links to the team photos and the coaches photos.   All the images are set up for free download, so, as you browse the images, you can select and download the images.  The image files are small and sized for display on a digital device, social media use, and fast download.  They are not large enough to make good prints from.  If you find an image you want a print of, please contact me at:  clintb2015@gmail.com and provide the level, event, and image number of the photo you want a print of.  I can print for you or email you a larger file to print on your own.  There are a great number of images, so to make it easy to find what you are looking for, I have divided them by level and then each level is divided by event.  I have also included galleries in each level that have my favorite images in black and white and in color.

Hope you enjoy the images.

Team Photos

Coach Photos

Meet Photos

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