Prints?  You mean you print your image on paper and hang it on the wall or put it in a frame?  You don’t just look at your Facebook or Instagram account?  With so many advancements in technology and the fast pace at which we live our lives, so many people pass up on the opportunity to make a photographic print.  But, there is power in a print.  You can actually hold the image, it has a special feel to it.  I hate to say nostalgic, but maybe that’s it.  It’s so easy to make quality prints now, but it seems like so few people are doing it.  Why is that?  Are we just to busy to take the time to do it?  Are we thinking we will do it later and then forget about it?  Take time to make a print of your favorite image and hang it where you will see it everyday.  It will make you happy.

Well, I love prints.  Fortunately, I can print my own images up to 16 X 20.  I recently decided to change up the prints that were already hanging in the house and updated them with new images.  The old ones were black and white images, but for this go around, I printed 10 images all in 11 x 14 and in color.  They are in black frames with white mats and I think these color images sure do pop off the gray wall they hang on.  Below are the images I printed.

_DSC0039_HDR.1.11x14_DSC0348_HDRendoftheroad11x14_DSC0039_HDR.11x14lucite indian11x14_DSC0163.11x14_DSC0112_DSC0261.11x14_DSC0207.11x14_DSC0109.11x14allatoona sunrise 3