My current Nikon D7000 has seen better days, it has served by very well and has no problems, but being as old as it is with as many shutter clicks as it has, I know it is only a matter of time before the mirror mechanism falls apart.  So I have been searching for new camera.  The announcement of the new Sony A7 III has really thrown a wrench into my plans.  On paper it looks perfect and the hands on reviews have been great, but I am so entrenched in the Nikon ecosystem after roughly 22years, that it is hard to leave.  I started with Nikon 35mm cameras years ago.  After learning photography for a few years with some an old Minolta ST101 and an X700, I made the system switch to Nikon and auto focus.  I started with the N6006, then moved up to the N80, followed by an F4 and later an F5.  I stayed with Nikon for the switch to digital and started with a D100(I later converted it to IR) and a D70s, then the D200 and the one I use currently, the D7000.  With the large selection of fast prime and zoom lenses, along with the collection of speedlights (SB28, SB80dx, SB800, and the R1C1 macro flashes) and assorted accessories for Nikon, I find that the economics of switching systems and building up a comparable kit to be cost prohibitive for me.  For the Sony A7 III, a 24-105, 70-200, and vertical grip, I would spend $5000.00.  The lenses are both the F4 versions and the F2.8 like I would prefer, so the cost would go up even more.  What about adapters for Nikon lenses to use on the Sony?  Well, after much research, the lenses I have would all work in manual focus, but not in Auto Focus.  Most of my lenses are D series or older.

So What do I do?  Well, I guess I will stick with Nikon and home they actually produce an affordable full frame mirrorless camera that will use Nikon lenses.  Rumor has it that such a camera is in the works and it will have a new mount and an adapter will be offered to make older Nikon lenses compatible, but only time will tell.  Now I just have to figure out which Nikon camera to get…D810, D500, D750, D850, an old D4?  Decisions, decisions…front