Here are more images from my son’s last gymnastics meet a couple of weekends ago.  I used a Nikon D500 that I rented to test as a potential new camera.  I really enjoyed the camera and how fast it was as well as its ability to handle High ISO Noise.  These images were all shot at ISO 6400 in Jpeg(need to update Lightroom for the NEF files).  Shutter speed was 1/1000th of a second and the aperture varied from shot to shot, but was usually between F3.5 and F4 on a Nikkor 80 – 200 2.8 zoom lens mounted on a Manfroto Tripod.  White balance was set to auto.  I did do a small about of noise reduction in Lightroom and some basic edits to contrast, clarity, etc. I wanted to see how the files looked without noise reduction, but also with noise reduction.

I did edit this for that “tough guy” look.
The super speedy focus and frame rate of the D500 helped catch mid air images.