Over the last couple of months I have been venturing up to Old Car City USA in White, Georgia.  It is just east of Cartersville and about a 40 minute drive from my home.  I have to say that this place is truly a photographers paradise.  The first day I visited, there was a commercial photo shoot for Hot Rod Magazine.  They were photographing a Corvette for an upcoming issue of the magazine.  Hot Rod also wrote an article about Old Car City.
There are 34 acres containing over 4000 old cars and six miles of trails.  I have been there almost a dozen times and have barely scratched the surface.  Many photographers use the location as a background for portraiture, a location for photography clubs, or as a location for workshops in macro or HDR photography.
After spending a considerable about of time there I have started to learn where everything is, but I still find new things every time we visit.  It is a place where it is easy to lose yourself in you surrounds and be overwhelmed with the subject matter.  I have barely started to edit images from Old Car City, but below you will find a few that I have tinkered with.  They are not my final edits, but are a work in progress.  I usually work on something until I think its is where I want it and then live with it for a few days and then go back to see if I like it.  Your comments on the images are welcome.

Hood Ornament form a Caddy


Mack Hood Ornament from an old Mack Panel Truck
Buick in the Bushes
Old Ford Commercial Truck
Old 2.5″ nozzle on an old Ford Fire Truck
Caddy Emblem
Galaxy 500
50’s era Pontiac Hood Ornament made from lucite


Broken Front Window
Cracked Side Window